Why Are Wall Ovens So Expensive: 7 Reasons

Why Are Wall Ovens So Expensive
Why Are Wall Ovens So Expensive

Whether you cook daily or not, ovens are an inseparable part of the kitchen. It helps cooking easier. If you think to replace your old kitchen-mate and consider a wall oven instead of a range, you might be wondering why are wall ovens so expensive?

You probably agreed that a countertop steam oven, self-cleaning oven, or ovens for baking bread are cheering you to organize the meal. Relatively, a wall oven offers you more convenience and flexibility still costs you a bit more.

Here we wrote the core reasons why are wall ovens more expensive to help you make the perfect buying decision. Additionally, we also detailed here the pros & cons of steam ovens and the pros and cons of double ovens for your convenience.  

Why Are Wall Ovens So Expensive: Are Wall Ovens Worth It


This is the most common positive feature that a wall oven provides. And probably a key reason why are wall ovens more expensive. Using a freestanding or any other type of oven, you need to be bow to get or put the items from/in the oven.

Doing this regularly other than once or twice a day can go out to be awkward. Especially for weighty people, it can even turn into back-associated issues like; back pain, discomfort in the back, or other physical discomforts.

But when it is about the wall oven, accessing the items inside is very easy. You need not be bent as they are typically at waist or shoulder level. This feature is a core reason that enhanced the wall ovens to be priced more compared to other ovens.

 Saves Kitchen Space

A wall oven replaces the cabinet from your kitchen as it is usually set in the place of the cabinet. After getting out one cabinet from your kitchen, you never need to be concerned about occupying any space in your kitchen. Because the wall ovens ended up with a truly space-saving design.

Nowadays, with modern appliances for a fully functional kitchen, such types of space-saving designed wall ovens always come at a premium price. Simply a small amount of monetization can upgrade your kitchen’s productivity.

 Integrated Design

This is another reason why are wall ovens more expensive than ranges. All the wall ovens are invented up with an integrated design that easily matched and enhances the decent appearance of your kitchen.

They suit pretty well with other appliances of the kitchen and cabinets as well as nearby them. This is why you need not think about growing expenditure for anything further to combine them into your kitchen.

The wall ovens can be merged in such an all-in-one fashion that it is even difficult to notice them. As wall ovens go quite well with your kitchen’s existing decor, they are undoubtedly better than other oven options available for you.

Manufacturers invested more to make them such types of incredible design that match perfectly with any kitchen. Therefore, they logically priced a bit higher compared to range oven.

 Huge Cooking Capacity

The wall ovens have come with a twin oven chamber. This is why the cooking space that you get is more than 5 ft³. And, having such an oven with a huge cooking capacity, big gatherings, birthday celebrations, and other events whatever you like, will not be challenging.

This type of oven allows you to cook food in bulk without facing any botheration. It could be a good reply to are double wall ovens worth it and are wall ovens better. Do the same, it is also one of the key reasons that wall ovens are so costly compared to other oven options you may decide to get.

 Installation Cost

This is another major reason why are wall ovens so expensive. Typically, it is required to buy two separate appliances- a single/double wall oven and a cooktop which need to be set combinedly for functioning. Here you should have to hire a professional to install a wall oven in your kitchen.

No matter whether you are an experienced user or not as different brands’ wall ovens ended up with different ventilation systems in the oven housing. Therefore, unlike range ovens, wall ovens required a professional to install what would cost you extra.

 Appropriate For Various Cooks

The wall ovens- as it comes with larger cooking space, is the single choice for multiple cooking. Furthermore, you can also regulate the temperature separately with this innovative oven. Resulting, it is easier to get ready numerous cooking in a single oven.

 Distinct Cooking Area

This is the last but not the least reason why are wall ovens more expensive than ranges. Unlike other ordinary standalone range ovens, the wall ovens provide distinct cooking zones. The separate cooking zones allow you to prepare dissimilar items in the distinct area, however, at the same time.

Pros & Cons of Steam Ovens

What Is Steam Oven

Unlike conventional convection ovens, steam ovens prepare food using hot steam instead of hot air. It also recooks and reheats food more powerfully than microwaves with a unique two-for-one deal. You can concurrently use it with your conventional oven for an even superior range and cooking inspiration.

How Does A Steam Oven Work

Steam ovens have a water tank to store water for the cooking process. After switching on, the water is heated and turned into steam for cooking items. The steam rises as much as to heat the food for a sustained level.

Also, there is a valve at the top of the oven that continuously lets the air out from the oven. It relieves the interior pressure of steam that is created from water. Steam oven prepares food within a very short time with its high temperature.


  • Very popular and convenient for healthy cooking.
  • Faster cooking efficiently.
  • Multipurpose for cooking a variety of dishes.
  • Heat food equally but not dry food.
  • Use wet heat to reduce the chances of burning.
  • Capable to prepare food concurrently.
  • Remains the improved taste in food.


  • It might cost you a bit more which is start at $600.
  • It is not the perfect option for foods that need crisping or grilling.
  • Compared to the countertop versions, it takes more space to stand.
  • Vertical learning curve.
  • Required to be cleaned regularly due to condensation.
  • Cooking periods are essential to descaled to work with a steam oven.

Pros & Cons of Double Oven

Double Oven

A double oven has many good sides, however with some drawbacks as well. Knowing its advantage and disadvantage will help you to make a good buying decision. Let see details;



This is the most important feature that makes double oven popular. It is very easy to prepare food for larger groups within a very short time. A double oven never lets you down to get the cooking done in record time whether you entertain frequently or cook for a big family.

 Energy-saving (but not all the cases)

Unlike a single one, a double oven consumes less energy over time. However, this is typically due to the oven will use fewer assets when you only use one of the spaces.

 Added extra value

With its contemporary looks, a double oven can add extra value to your kitchen. In addition to that, renewed kitchens are one of the most important home projects, usually presenting a sufficient return on investment.

 Keeping foods warm while cooking

The double oven allows you to keep items warm using the upper oven in the event you complete cooking and burning in the lower oven.

 Allows to prepare food comfortably

You never need to be bend to get access into the oven. Thanks to the double oven’s height and placement in the wall that lets you cook comfortably. This feature is helpful, particularly when need to cook huge.

 Double ovens permit you for concurrent cooking

Another appealing feature of it permits you to cook concurrently, whatever the temperature or cooking period.


 Typically, double ovens are expensive

The double oven is pointedly further costly compared to a single oven, especially for a double wall oven. Though, you may go for a double oven range that is inexpensive than double wall ovens.

 Using double oven ranges, makes you be bend

If you go for a double oven range, it could be painful to use. Because you need to be bend while access into the oven.  It might induce various kinds of back-related issues.

 Usually double ovens require more energy

Using a double oven simultaneously might require consuming extra energy compared to a single oven. This point could be a sort of contradicts one of the pros, however, you must look at the greater benefit.

 Lack of storage for king-size pots and pans

Typically, a double oven range comes with a shortage of storage drawers for bigger cookware to exploit the lower oven’s size. (Yet, by placing a pot rack or other kind of droopy storage you can minimize this issue).

 Extra cost for installation

Double oven required to install properly by professional. This is why it cost you extra apart from the oven price.


To conclude, you might be still wondering why are wall ovens so expensive and are wall ovens still popular? As you can see, the wall ovens might be a bit expensive, however, they offer lots of rewards as well which makes them a seamless option for a fully functional kitchen.

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