How To Clean Refrigerator With Vinegar

How To Clean Refrigerator With Vinegar
How To Clean Refrigerator With Vinegar

Knowing how to clean refrigerator with vinegar or how to sanitize refrigerator improves home hygiene. So refrigerator cleaning doesn’t have to be a bore. Rather learning how to clean fridge inside makes them look brand new if clean properly.

There is a common misconception that is rough and costly ingredients are required to clean refrigerators properly. It is wrong. Rather how to clean refrigerator with baking soda will show you here a normal amount of it can clean preciously.

How To Clean Refrigerator With Vinegar & Baking Soda: Easy Tips

Either you are using the best French door refrigerator or other, we detailed here how to clean refrigerator outside and how to clean stainless steel fridge door, which you probably wondering about. Even you can learn here how to clean refrigerator that smells badly.

Start reading and follow the hacks below;

1.    Get ready your refrigerator to be clean

Turn the power off and disconnect your refrigerator from the electric board. Remove all the food contents from your refrigerator before you starting cleaning operation. This process will ensure a safe clean of your refrigerator.

2.    Make a soapy mixture

Blend similar quantity of white vinegar and fresh water in a ball or big pot. You will also need cloth to apply. However, a spray bottle can be a good item here. The same amount of baking soda or apple cider mixing is also working well.

3.    Apply the solution to the outer part of the refrigerator

If you are using cloth, swap it in the solution and message outside the fridge gently. Or, spray it with a spray bottle straight to the fridge wall twice/thrice. Make sure all the parts including the top of your fridge are covered.

4.    Wipe it gently with a clean and dry cloth

Let the solution stay in your fridge wall for 10-20 minutes. Now rub it with a dry and fresh cloth. Make sure all the parts you touched. If you are not satisfied, repeat the whole process.

For the stainless steel-made fridge, rub in the way of the stainless steel’s grain. For a more shiny look, you can also use polish on the surface after rubbing down the vinegar mixture.

Simply add 2-3 drops of olive oil to a soft, dry, and clean cloth. A microfiber cloth works best here. Then buff in the track of the grain. Do it once a week or repeat as desired.

5.    Remove all the shelves and drawers

Since you already remove all the contents from the refrigerator, now remove all the inside organizers. This will help you not to spoil your food and other contents. Here is not mandatory to unplug your fridge, however, safety comes first.

6.    Apply the vinegar-water solution inside the fridge

Again, use a dry clean cloth or directly spray the solution to each part of the refrigerator’s inside. Let the solution stay for a while to remove the marks and grime of the fridge wall. Apple cider vinegar would be the best alternative to white vinegar.

7.    Spread inside of your fridge using a fresh and soft paper cloth

Wipe softly from top to bottom. So that no chances to remains any little grim. Here you can also use a soft toothbrush for the corner hard to reach. Don’t allow any dirty drops to land on the surface you clean already.

Don’t hesitate to do the same more even more till your satisfaction. Remember, the grime inside the refrigerator is generally very stubborn. So treat them a bit roughly. Or, they will make you badly suffer.

8.    Clean the organizer

You need some hot and soapy water to wash properly the organizers you removed from the fridge. Rinse all the shelves and boxes separately with a sponge that soaked fully the soapy warm water solution.

After curbing, put them on a clean and dry tower under the sun for being dry. You place them under a ceiling fan or use a dryer. However, don’t put them directly under the sun as it may cause discolor them.

Don’t stick them instantly in hot water if the organizer is made of glass. Otherwise, due to cold surfaces, they can crack. Letting them at room temperature is the best way. Wipe your food and drink organizer with soapy and warm water for more safety.

9. Sit back the items you took away from the refrigerator

Now your fridge is ready to get back all its items. First, set the shelves and buskets in the place where they get from. Put the foods and beverages into the shelves, draw, and buskets as needed.

10. Put a bowl full of vinegar inside the refrigerator

Why? As you wondering about how to clean a refrigerator that smells badly. A half bowl or glass of white vinegar helps to neutralize and remove bad smells from your fridge. Don’t forget to change it regularly after a few days till the odor is gone.

How To Clean Fridge Inside (The Freezer Part)

How To Clean Fridge Inside

Either you are a permanent residence or a carefree and using the best fridge for van life, you should know how to use dry ice in refrigerator when power out.  Besides learning how to clean a freezer makes sense for you positively.

See below how;

1.    Get all the frozen food items and unplug the fridge

Keep all the frozen items back from your freezer and put them in an airtight box with some ice cubes. Now make sure the appliance is not with the power connection. It will make the freezer defrost rapidly.

2.    Remove the removable part

The freezer might have some detachable shelves, drawers- keep them out from the freezer. Clean them separately by your hand with a hot soapy. Therefore, let them be dry by putting on a fresh towel.

3.    Apply the water-vinegar solution inside the freezer

Similar to the refrigerator mentioned above, spray the solution on each part of the freezer inside. Hot water with vinegar will work here best. Let them stay 10-15 minutes. All the parts should covers.

4.    Rub inside carefully with a clean damp cloth

Don’t be hurry, rather wipe in a gentle way inside the freezer. It is good to stay the solution on the stubborn stains for up to 20 minutes before you wipe it out. An old toothbrush would work fine to rubbing to the corner. Do it until it becomes completely clean and hygienic.

5.    Place back the shelves and foods

You are done! Now, put back all the shelves, drawers, and other settings you removed. Get back also all the frozen foods into the freezer. Finally, turn on the power of the freezer and let it work as it desired to.

How To Clean Refrigerator Water Dispenser

The freezer & refrigerator water dispenser is a useful way to stay hydrated. However, it can also become dirty that touches the water run and quality. Washing the grime and bacteria of water points lets you enjoy crunchy, freshwater handily.

Here is a handy way that can be used to clean your refrigerator water dispenser. Simply, the purified vinegar is the best operative way to clean the refrigerator water dispenser. It never infects your drinking water. Let see the way;

1.    Make water supply disconnected

Turn off the connection valve of the dispenser. Also, the screws can be removed while using vinegar to clean them.

2.    Flush the vinegar

Find a small pipe to fit at the end of the copper tube that ends at the dispenser reservoir. Put some cup of vinegar into the dispenser reservoir via the copper tube. It might take some time and don’t let the vinegar come back.

Let the vinegar sit there for 5-7 minutes. Then, place a bowl under the dispenser and press to dispense the vinegar. Hold the button till the last part of vinegar come out from the reservoir.

3.    Brush the dispenser

Brush the water dispenser softly with a soft and clean cloth. You can use an old soft brush here.

4.    Reconnect the water supply

Turn the water flow valve to allow water flow via the system again after you make sure all vinegar runs out from the appliance. This will help to remove any leftover vinegar there and make water tasty as before.

Here, we wrote in depth on how to clean refrigerator with vinegar and baking soda. We also talked about how to clean refrigerator water line. All the methods are, however, productive and let your refrigerator do its job perfectly.



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