how to clean induction cooktop naturally

how to clean induction cooktop naturally
how to clean induction cooktop naturally

The induction cooktop is a great device in the kitchen. It has different features than a gas cooktop or electric cooktop. If you use the device every day, it becomes oily and damp. It may not be possible to clean the cooktop after cooking every now and then. That’s why the cooktop gets dirty after oil and food. We will try to explain how to clean induction cooktop naturally.

There are many ways to clean a portable induction cooktop. Before describing it, we will know how an induction cooktop works.

how does an induction cooktop work?

Induction cooktops are more efficient than conventional stoves. It performs cooking by applying a small amount of heat. The induction applies heat directly from the heating elements of the cooktop to the magnetic part of the cooker. Instantly heats up the cookware.

Only the part of the heating element that comes in contact with the magnetic cookware is heated. It is not like electric cooktop and gas cooktop parts.


how does an induction cooktop work

The heating elements of the induction cooktop are made of copper coils. The device penetrates the heat-resistant smooth surface glass and applies heat directly to the pan. If there is no cookware in the heating zone, the area stays cool. Magnetic cookware is compatible with induction cooktops.

Induction cooktops are equipped with a 1/2/4/5 heating zone. These are more energy-efficient, many have overheating protection, child safety lock, auto shut-down, and timer setting function. Induction cooktops make some noise when cooking, as they have a fan inside that keeps the device cool.

how to use a portable induction cooktop

An induction cooktop is very easy to use. You can easily use it with some awareness. Here’s a guide to using induction cooktops.

First of all, unpack the induction cooktop and install it. Please read the guidebook with the device before installing. Use plugs that match the device’s electric requirements.

If you have difficulty installing it yourself, hire a technician. The cooktop is ready for use after installation. Switch on and check the buttons to see if they are working properly.

how to use a portable induction cooktop


The portable induction cooktop requires comparable cookware for cooking. Induction burners are usually magnetic pan friendly. Use magnetic cookware in your home. Check the bottom of the pan with a magnet to test if the cookware is magnetic. Also add a magnetic layer to use glass, copper, aluminum.

Most cooktops are touch-sensors, some devices have to be controlled with push buttons. The control panels have power, temperature, and timer setting buttons. Consciously control the buttons to increase and decrease the temperature when cooking is needed. Cooktops have timer setting functions ranging from 1-99 minutes and 1-180 minutes. Cook by setting a timer and enjoy leisure time. If you cook regularly in this way, you will easily learn to control it.

If you have a small kitchen, choose a portable 1/2 burner induction cooktop. Choose a 4/5 burner cooktop for cooking in a large kitchen and more food. The induction of the 1/2 burner is easy to carry as the cooktops are portable. You can carry & use it to any place, such as office, camping, party, boating, traveling, student accommodation.

Is Induction Cooking Safe?

The induction cooktop is powered by electricity. There may be some harmful aspects in the induction cooktop, again it may be that cooking in the induction cooktop is safe at once, not harmful to the human body or there are no side effects. In fact, we can’t call it fiction.

Studies have shown that induction cooktop cooking is safe. Although it is sometimes claimed that there are some harmful aspects, in fact, it has not been conclusively proven.

Induction has more advantages than gas stoves and no air pollution in the kitchen. Cooktops are usually easy to clean, as it has a smooth surface and is not too hot. Put your cookware on the cooktop then switch it on. As much radiation as there is in the induction cooktop, you can avoid the radiation by standing at a distance of 30 cm.

Induction cooktop safety Features

The induction cooktop is an amazing latest technology in the kitchen. This is a special stovetop burner. It transfers magnetic energy from the burner to the cookware instead of employing a heating coil or gas heating element for energy. It solves cooking with little energy. This is a powerful burner. The induction cooktop has many safety features.

Reduction in kitchen fires; One of the great features of induction cooktops is that they do not get hot without a pan. Its magnetic part only heats up when a pan is placed. It automatically cools down if you forget to turn it off after cooking. So, the kitchen is largely safe from fire. However, you should be careful with whatever cooktop you use.

Overheating protection; Induction cooktops have overheating protection. These cooktops can change the temperature instantly. So, if it is heated too much, the temperature can be controlled immediately.

It has a timer setting function. Cooking can be solved by setting the specified amount of temperature during cooking. Most induction cooktops have timer setting functions ranging from 1-99 minutes and 1-180 minutes. – It also has a child safety lock. So, children are safe in the kitchen.

how to clean induction cooktop

Induction cooktops are easier to clean than most conventional cooktops, according to consumer reports. Induction burners have a glass-ceramic surface. If not cleaned regularly, there is a risk of it rubbing off. You can easily clean it in a few ways.


how to clean induction cooktop

Avoid these things before cleaning

– Scrub sponge, metal scouring pads, flammable cleaners, caustic cleaners, powdery cleaners, chlorine bleach cleaners.

Regular cleaning;

– Allow the burner to cool, use a damp sponge to wipe the surface. – Put a little cooktop cleaner on the burner, and rub the surface with a soft towel. – Wipe the surface of the burner with a soft cloth.

cleaning with white vinegar:

– It is a less expensive solution for cleaning the cooktop. You can get it at any grocery store at a low price. Apply a little white vinegar on a lint-free cloth or paper towel, and wipe the glass surface well, it will also remove any stubborn stains.

Cleaning with toothpaste:

-This is an instant strategy to clean the induction cooktop. Apply some toothpaste to the surface of the burner and add a few drops of water. Rub on the whole surface with your hands. Now wipe with a damp cloth. The cooktop will be clean in a while. But it is not good to do it every day. You can also clean the cooktop with baking soda and hot water at home.

Pros & Cons of Induction cooktop


  • Induction cooking is safe, especially for children and the elderly. Cooktops have child safety locks for children. And if you don’t put a pan on the cooktop, it doesn’t get hot. Emits heat directly from the heating zone of the cooktop to the magnetic cooker. As a result, the place where the cookware is heated.
  • Induction is cooked quickly on the cooktop. Because of the rapid response of the electromagnetic cycle, the food of your choice is cooked half the time before a conventional burner.
  • induction cooktops planet-friendly. The induction cooktop cooks very quickly so less energy is used. Cooking solves by generating less energy.
  • Induction burners emit a certain amount of heat. And it’s easy to control. It does not have to overheat or overcooking. This is because the burner and cookware cool down immediately after switching off at the end of cooking.
  • Induction burners provide a safer way to cook than electricity and gas. It does not emit gas or heat into the air. And the kitchen stays cool. It shuts off after a while if you forget to stop. Still, be careful when cooking.
  • The induction cooktop has a great feature in the timer setting. Cooking can be done safely by setting the timer by controlling the temperature.


  • Induction cooktops are a little more expensive than gas and electric cooktops. However, you can use it to cook in less time than the unique oven.
  • Induction cooktop and stove require specific cookware for cooking. Most induction cooktops are compatible with magnetic stainless steel and cast-iron cookware. Also, other cookware Add a magnetic disk to use.
  • Induction burners are electricity-powered. So, if you don’t have a good electricity supply, cooking will be disrupted. – It makes some noise. Inside the induction cooktop, there is a fan for a cool airflow which makes some noise.
  • If the induction cooktop is not cleaned regularly, there is a possibility of scratch. So, need to clean regularly.


How to clean induction cooktop naturally in your home, and how to use it properly. We have described it above. We hope you enjoy reading this article. And if you do not have an induction cooktop in your house, then we have described other articles on how to buy the best portable induction cooktop.

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