How Does A Dishwasher Work Inside & Get Out Tough Food Stains

How Does A Dishwasher Work Inside
How Does A Dishwasher Work Inside

The dishwasher is a robot that cleans and gets rid of dirt from dishware. But how does a dishwasher work inside & get out tough food stains from dishes? Have you ever think what happened inside after closing the dishwasher machine’s door?

Thanks to Josephine Cochran, an American genius who invented the first robotic dishwasher in 1886. You simply put your dirty dishware into the machine, it will clean with a jet of hot and foamy water itself.

Since then, dishwashers got a very little change. But, exactly how do they work? It is simply a combined effort of chemical, hotness, and blast of water.


How Does A Dishwasher Work Inside – A Closer Look

So many things we are going to discuss here, like, how exactly a dishwasher gets the job done. Dishwasher pros and cons that you should consider when buying a dishwasher. Likewise, how to a built-in dishwasher work?

Eventually, how do countertop dishwashers work, and how does a portable dishwasher work? Also, how to hook up a portable dishwasher along with a comparison of portable vs countertop dishwashers, and,  are dishwashers worth it?

All information including how to use dishwasher pods you’ll find here. Meaning you can decide and go for the best dishwasher under $400 $500 – $800 that you might be looking to buy. So start to drop down and let’s have a look;


What Does A Dishwasher Do – At A Glance

As we’ve mentioned above, a dishwasher is a machine that cleans the dirty crockeries by itself once you start it. Here is the list of what job they exactly do for you;

  • Mix water.
  • Heats the water at a suitable temperature.
  • Robotically opens the cleanser section when needed.
  • Blast the water to get the crockeries clean.
  • Leave the unclean water from the machine.
  • Lets the crockeries rinse by spraying more clean water.
  • Again leave dirty water through the drain hose.
  • Dry the crockeries with hot air.
  • Read more about Deep Freezers.

Also, it monitors and ensures all inside is working correctly. A timer controls the distance of every cycle. Besides, a sensor identifies the water and air ­temperature to prevent extreme heat and damaging your dishwares.

There is another sensor to detect if the water level reaches too high and chances to overflow. If so, it automatically activates its draining function to get the extra water out from the dishwasher.

Relatively, some dishwashing machines ended up with sensors that can even spot the pollution of the water coming off the crockeries. Therefore, the machine can detect the dishware is clean as the water is sufficiently clean.


How It Works – What Happened Inside The Dishwasher?

To start with, load the crockeries into the dishwasher that you want to wash. Add the right amount of detergent to make soapy water. Then pick the perfect wash cycle to get the dishes clean and dry (optional).

How It Works - What Happened Inside The Dishwasher

Yet, the dishwasher is watertight. But they don’t fill with water instead of a little sink at the end of the machine fills up. The heating components heat the water here from 130 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Eventually, a pump drives the water up to the water jets. Here, it is forced out and spray arms sprayed on the unclean dishwares. Just like a garden hose pipe without a jet.

If you press more at the end of the pipe, the water comes more powerfully due to reducing the space for the water to come out.

The dishwashing machine’s nozzle works in the same way. In addition to that, just like a lawn sprayer, the water force also helps to rotate the spray jets alternatively to get the job done properly.

Then, after the job is done, the water pipes down to the sink again. And, the pump forces the water to get out of the machine.

The dirty water might go straight into the pipes under the sink, or via a hosepipe into the sink itself- it depends on the type of dishwasher you are using.

Now time to dry the crockeries. Yet it is optional, however, final. The heating component at the lower part of the machine heats the air inside. It makes the crockeries dry. You may let them dry without heat to save energy costs.


Types of Dishwasher

There are several types of modern dishwashers available in the market. However, not all are the same in quality, price, and way of work. Here are the most popular types of dishwashing machines;

  1. Built-in dishwasher– Also known as the integrated dishwasher, is the most popular dishwasher very quiet and convenient to operate. It is built-in and surrounding by your kitchen cabinets.

It is a bit costly dishwasher and being hidden in your kitchen after being installed. This dishwasher is suitable for a fitted kitchen with a uniform look.

  1. Portable dishwasher– The second most popular portable dishwasher can be placed anywhere you need to place it. Just make sure the access of water and drainage.
  2. Countertop dishwasher– This type of dishwasher is the right option for a small family. It is a bit small in size compared to the portable one. User-friendliness is the sexiest feature of a countertop dishwasher.
  3. Drawer dishwasher– A drawer dishwasher is a perfect choice for a big family due to its size. It is the largest dishwasher available in the markets.


How Do Countertop Dishwashers Work?

A countertop dishwasher is very popular, especially for the smaller family. Its way of work is very simple also. Firstly, it connects to the sink’s faucet and drawing in water. Then ejecting it over the drain hose that drains through the sink.

How Do Countertop Dishwashers Work

The countertop dishwasher can be placed perfectly anywhere in your kitchen. Because it is nearly similar in size to a microwave oven. However, you might prefer to place it on a rolling cart to make more space free in your kitchen.


How Does A Portable Dishwasher Work?

A portable dishwashing machine is easy to set up and simple to use. If you have never used a portable dishwasher before, it is probably mandatory for you to get help getting the job done.

No worries! We are here to guide you step-by-step on how can you get your portable dishwasher set up, get going, and drained. Cleaning dishware has never been relaxed. But you don’t even need extra space to make them fresh. Let’s see how;

Initially, it is decent work to place the dishwasher near the kitchen sink. Now, fill the dishwasher halfway with water. If needed, add some detergent and rinse help.

Then, from the dishwasher machine’s back, remove the power cord and a pair of hosepipes. Attach the faucet adapter. Finally, switch on the hot water for a while before it a turn-off.


How To Hook Up A Portable Dishwasher?

Typically, the portable dishwasher gets its demanding water by joining a sink faucet. Then draining into the sink again. However,  if you want to permanently hook up it, you’ll need to step a bit further.

This is not any hard job but just you need to permanently attach your portable dishwasher to the hot water line supplying the sink faucet. After that, make sure the drain line is permanently connected to the sink drain system. It will start working by itself.


How To A Built-in Dishwasher Work?

Nothing like portable or freestanding dishwashers, a built-in dishwasher is particularly designed to act as a combined, more stable kitchen use. The built-in dishwasher is preferable to house owners due to its permanent nature.

Also, its space-saving features, and usually superior load capacity make it more popular among all types of users, especially homeowners. Several sizes of built-in dishwashers are available in the markets.

How To A Built-in Dishwasher Work

Unlike a freestanding dishwasher, a built-in dishwasher can even run if you use your faucet and sink for other purposes. Because it is directly connected to the water supply. Therefore, it is convenient to use.

But a freestanding dishwasher connected to the sink and the faucet. However, they probably have sidestep regulators that allow the water to run. And this is a bit inconvenient compared to the built-in dishwasher machine.

As the built-in dishwasher is permanently fixed into your kitchen, resulting in when you go outside, it generally gets left behind.


Portable Vs Countertop Dishwasher

This is one of the most predictive factors why the portable dishwashing machine is so popular. It is transferable and easy to fit in your kitchen as well. However, a portable dishwasher probably seems bulky if your kitchen is smaller in size.


On the other hand, the compact countertop dishwasher is probably the right choice if your kitchen is not so spacious. It is very small in size that fits any corner of your kitchen easily. This compact dishwasher is reliable and easy to carry.


It can be a good traveling mate to help you camping outside or even on a picnic. It is the most well-organized and eco-responsible as well. Relatively, it eliminates fat and hard stains without releasing any poisonous chemicals.


Let’s see the comparison of these two types of dishwashers;


Specification Countertop Portable
Weight (lbs) 36-50 70-130
Width (Inch.) 16-22 18-24
Height (Inch.) 17-20 36
Consumer’s choice Travel-savvy folks People who live in a rented house
Design Box shape On the wheel
Capacity (places setting) 2-6 12-16



Dishwasher Pros and Cons

After its invention in 1886, dishwashers have become the most popular and almost must-have kitchenware for many years. Many people worldwide depend on this innovation to clean their dishware regularly. And, the number is growing every day.

There are so many good sides that influence people to buy and use dishwashers.  But, like other appliances, it also has some downside which is also significant. Let see the pros and cons of using a dishwasher;

Pros Cons
  • Relief from physical effort.
  • Save time.
  • In many countries, it signifies living standards.
  • Help to complete daily work in a good manner.
  • Clean dishes rightly.
  • No chances to stay bacteria.
  • Very helpful, particularly for a big family.
  • It gives your kitchen a fair look.
  • It offers better cleaning other than hand cleaning.
  • Very easy to use.
  • It makes you lazy.
  • Extra utility cost as it consumes extra energy.
  • Might need service often.
  • Can occur water damage.
  • Extra headache either it works rightly or not.
  • There is also some manual work to be done.
  • It requires clean itself regularly.
  • It is a bit costly product.



Frequently Asked Questions


Are Dishwashers Worth It?

Yes! A dishwasher is worth buying. Because of its efficiency, saving energy as well as costs and time. If you have a big family, a dishwasher is almost a must-have household thing for you.

In addition, if you have a smaller family, you probably want to buy a smaller, for instance, a double drawer dishwasher, instead of the bigger one. Whatever the size, it is very simple to use.

Consequently, you may love to set up the dishwashers by yourself. Or, you might hire professionals to do the job done appropriately. Also, many stores offer a free installation service that you can enjoy.


Do Portable Dishwashers Works Like Built-in Dishwashers?

Of course! On the off chance that a portable dishwasher can work more competently for smaller families. But the portable dishwasher contains less unit capacity with some distinguished limitations compared to the built-in one.

The portable dishwasher is more popular among the families living in a rented house and often change their residence whatever the reason.


What is the best dishwasher in the market that I should buy?

It is a bit open to discussion which one is the best dishwasher in the market that you should go for. But, the most dependable brands are made up of modern tools that have very low disappointment rates and are inexpensive to repair.

Here, we aim to educate you about what exactly going on inside your dishwasher after closing the door. However, an another article, our expert team reviewed the best dishwasher under 400 that you can read via the link above. And get the best overall dishwasher that you probably looking for.



In this article, we have detailed how does a dishwasher work inside. Besides, we also wrote here about several types of dishwashers available in the market and how they can relieve your physical effort while it is all about dirty dish cleaning.

Remember, there are three principles you need to ensure for the best output from your loving dishwasher. Those are; detergent, washing method, and heat. Every part out of these three is vital for the perfect cleaning of your dirty dishes.

If you find this article helpful, don’t hesitate to share it with your connections. However, if you think there might have something we missed, please let us know- we’ll surely write on that.

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