Best Outdoor Ice Maker

Best Outdoor Ice Maker
Best Outdoor Ice Maker

Welcome, readers! Today I’m going to present to you my personal and unbiased best outdoor portable ice maker analyses. I’ve set my eventual goal for today is to help you to find the best outdoor ice maker that you can shop for in 2022.

Ice maker is an eventual part of comfortable living. You may want to host a big gathering or party outside your home during hot and tropical summer days. Ice is a vital item that you will need even more than your home refrigerator can offer.

Then, you’ll probably go to the market to buy the best-rated outdoor ice maker for your outdoor kitchen. A portable ice maker would be the ideal option to be used for the outdoors to provide sufficient ice for group cocktails.

The Best Outdoor Ice Maker In 2022

If you are in hurry and don’t have time to read the detailed review, here is a list of the 4 best outdoor kitchen ice makers that you might be interested to consider;

Hurry!! Ok, See 4 Best Rated Outdoor Ice Makers

Model Key Features Price
Gevi Household Nugget Ice Maker
  • 29lbs/24hours
  • 4.8lbs storage
  • Stainless Steel Made
  • Auto-control Panel
  • 1 Year Warranty
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GE Profile Opal | Countertop Nugget Ice Maker
  • 24lbs/24hours
  • 3lbs storage
  • Dynamic Design
  • Side Water Tank For More Ice
  • Batch Made Ice
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AGLUCKY Countertop Ice Maker
  • 26.5lbs/24hours
  • 9 cubes/6-8 minutes
  • 3 Colors Options
  • Two Sizes Bullet Ice
  • Quiet
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Euhomy Ice Maker Machine
  • 26lbs/24hours
  • 2.20 liters storage
  • Stainless Steel Made
  • Self-cleaning
  • 120 Volts
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What Is Called Outdoor Ice Maker?

An outdoor ice maker is an ice-making machine distinct from a refrigerator that provides fresh ice. Its door pivots, door sheets, and fan motors are made with durable materials to survive the outside’s extreme weather rain, wind, snow, etc.

Regardless of how vividly outside weather blows, an outdoor ice maker can produce fresh ice steadily. So that you never need to stop chilling and cooling by closing down your ice maker even in a heat wave or snowstorm conditions.

Benefits of the Best Portable Outdoor Ice Maker

There are several features of outdoor ice maker that benefit its users;

First of all, it can produce fresh ice even in a hot and humid temperature outside. This is mostly beneficial for those who are located in an area with warmer climates.

Then, outdoor ice-making machines are also typically made up with durable material stainless steel, for instance. So they can struggle with all types of weather conditions from snow, rain, or more.

Moreover, if you are hosting big events or parties during the hot summer, it’s simply a matter of touching a button to get ample ice from an outdoor ice maker.

Consequently, no matter whether you need chipped or crumpled ice, an outdoor ice maker will provide it. They can produce different forms of ice in a harmless and best way.

Finally, most of the outdoor ice makers come with an ice bin to store. This is why you never need to be concern about storing your ice.

The Best Ice Maker for Outdoor Kitchen

1. Give Household Nugget Ice Maker

  • Production Capacity- 29lbs/24 hours.
  • Storage Capacity- 8lbs.
  • Weight-
  • Body- Stainless Steel.

Gevi Household Nugget Ice Maker lets you get ice 15 minutes faster. Up to 29Lbs/daily production rate, a bin for up to 4.8Lbs ice with a 2.8L/3quarts water reservoir never let you down the middle at the party due to ice shortage.

Compact and ergonomic designed this portable auto-cleaning pellet ice maker comes with the newest nugget ice-making technology. Dense insulated with an auto-instructive control panel and clear displays make it extra convenient to use.

Shiny and strong stainless steel material ‎made 17.6 x 9.7 x 16.9 inches (L*W*H) body makes sure to withstand any extreme weather conditions. You will get ‎1 ice maker, 1 ice bin, and 1 ice scoop in every purchase.


  • 12 months warranty.
  • Smart pause and restart option.
  • Both manual and auto water filling.
  • 8lbs removable ice basket.
  • Easy installation.


  • Only two colors.

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2. GE Profile Opal | Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

  • Production Capacity- 24lbs/24 hours.
  • Storage Capacity-
  • Weight-3lbs.
  • Body- Stainless Steel & Plastic.

GE Profile Opal Countertop Nugget Ice Maker can produce 24lbs healthy, chewable, crunchable, fresh nugget ice every 24 hours. It means 1lbs hourly production with an up to 3lbs storage capacity never let the ice run out.

A removable side tank helps to produce three times more ice. The state-of-the-art structure avoids clumping and leakages by re-arranging liquid ice to the water reservoir and producing more ice. No water hookup is needed this ice maker is an ideal choice for your outdoor kitchen.

Polished plastic and robust stainless steel material ‎made 15.5 x 14.25 x 17.25 inches (L*W*H) dimension body this ice machine is very easy to move anywhere you want. You will get 1 ice maker, 1 ice bin, 1 side tank, 1 ice scoop, and 1 drip tray in every purchase.


  • Auto refill when ice is running low.
  • Featured UV water treatment.
  • No trapped water inside.
  • 3-layer removable ice bin.
  • Chic and sleek looks.


  • No warranty is given.

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3. AGLUCKY Countertop Ice Maker

  • Production Capacity- 5lbs/24 hours.
  • Storage Capacity- 5lbs.
  • Weight-1lbs.
  • Body- Not Specified.

AGLUCKY compact and lightweight- only 17.1lbs Ice Maker can deliver ice very fast- 9 ice cubes per 6-7 minutes. Up to 26.5Lbs/24hours production rate with 1.5lbs storage capacity stands it out from others.

This optimal functional and quiet ice maker produces dual sizes-large and small round bullet-shaped ice cubes to make your event more enjoyable. The fast and efficient rear cooling system featured this portable ice maker consumes less energy.

Decent-looking and multi-functional AGLUCKY ice makers’ displays will remind you if the ice bin is full and to refill water if there is a lack of water. This portable ice maker with scoop and basket is the right option for your next outdoor party.


  • Faster ice production.
  • Noise-free.
  • Transparent top cover.
  • Lightweight, easy move.
  • Energy-saving.


  • Ideal for a small event.

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4. Euhomy Ice Maker Machine

  • Production Capacity- 26lbs/24 hours.
  • Storage Capacity- 20liters.
  • Weight-20lbs.
  • Body- Stainless Steel & Plastic.

Euhomy Ice Maker Machine is another lightweight portable ice maker that is made up of durable stainless steel (only Silver color) structure. Up to 26lbs within 24 hours lets you get 9 ice cubes in every 8 minutes. It would be the first choice as a gift.

Compact design, noise-free, and power-saving Euhomy ice maker is very easy to clean. An innovative ultraviolet sensor reminds you when the ice basket is full. Then it will stop the ice production to avoid overflowing. A 2.2-liter water tank reuses water in the tank, so no water is lost.

Euhomy auto-clean ice maker comes in four different colors red, blue, white and silver to get from. This quiet and most efficient ice machine provides you best healthy ice whenever you need it. Party or outside campaign wherever you need, it will provide you healthy and delicious ice.


  • Circulated water reservoir.
  • Innovative infrared sensor.
  • Many colors to get from.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Dual size ice cubes.


  • Not all the colors are stainless steel made.

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5. Euhomy Ice Maker Machine with Handle

  • Production Capacity- 26lbs/24 hours.
  • Storage Capacity- 3lbs.
  • Weight-67lbs.
  • Body-

Another fabulous ice-making machine from the Euhomy brand lets you enjoy a top-notch quality chilling. A spontaneous LED touchpad with single-touch buttons, job display, and progressive infrared sensor makes it very easy to use.

The “Ice Full” and “Add Water” indicators will remind you when to get ice out and when to add water for more ice production. The one-touch self-cleaning feature benefit you to clean it by simply pressing the “On/Off” for 5s to work self-cleaning for 30mins.

26lbs per 24 hours production with 1.3 storage capacities makes it more appealing. It is the lightest ice maker on the list- only 13.67lbs. Noise-free featured this ice maker is very cool to move here to there using its handle.


  • Impulsive LED touch pad.
  • Lifetime technical support.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Powerful compressor.
  • Dynamic design.


  • Too little to a bigger event.

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  • Production Capacity- 26lbs/24 hours.
  • Storage Capacity- Not Specified.
  • Weight-76lbs.
  • Body- Stainless Steel.

The FRIGIDAIRE EFIC189-Silver color ice maker has a production rate of 26Lbs per 24 hours. Two sizes of ice production capacity of this up-to-date designed compact ice-making machine come with a transparent big top cover. It lets you monitor the ice-making progress.

15 x 11 x 14.5 inches dimensioned and best sellers’ ranked this decent-looking ice maker gives ice within 6 minutes from plug-in. A compressor cooling system allows you to enjoy quiet and fast cooling without making extra noise.  

Its auto indicator reminds you if the ice home becomes full. Likewise, when it runs with a lack of water, it will again remind you to refill the water. Sleek, stylish design and lightweight this appliance is made up of durable stainless steel to withstand any harsh weather.


  • No chemical refrigerant.
  • Space-saving.
  • Faster ice production.
  • No installation is needed.


  • Only one color.

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7. COSTWAY Countertop Ice Maker

  • Production Capacity- 26lbs/24 hours.
  • Storage Capacity- 5lbs.
  • Weight-5lbs.
  • Body- Food Grade ABS Materials.

COSTWAY ice maker machine produces ice as fast 6 minutes after plug in. No way to ice runs out during the party with its 26lbs production rate and 1.5lbs storage capacity. Food grade durable ABS material scratch-free surface is very easy to clean using vinegar and fresh cloth.

ETL certified this ice maker has an outlet and drain plug at the bottom to release unused water. The smooth bullet shape two sizes piece of ice- small and bigger as your requirements, never hart your mouth inside. It is very easy to carry.

An intelligent operation system reminds you when ice is full in the basket. Similarly, it will notify you if there is lack of water. Besides the upper transparent window allow you to monitor the ice-making process. It is the perfect one for your outdoor kitchen.


  • Many color options.
  • Transparent window.
  • Convenient to use.
  • Ice-making indicator.
  • Low noisy.


  • Not energy star certified.

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8. ZAFRO Countertop Ice Maker

  • Production Capacity- 26lbs/24 hours.
  • Storage Capacity- 5lbs.
  • Weight-
  • Body- Not Specified.

R600a super productive compressor makes ZAFRO ice maker produce 26lbs ice daily steadily. One-touch operating system allows using fun. The infrared sensor indicator tells you about “Ice Full” and “Add Water” for more convenience.

A large top covering transparent window that lets you know the ice-making process without opening the lid. So that more time to melt inside ice, more fun camping or party.  Circulating water methods ensure inside melted ice water to reuse.

The detachable ice basket and added ice scoop help transfer the fresh ice cubes for further storage easily. The quiet exhaust cooling technology makes sure of low sound when functioning. Clean copper evaporator columns with nickel-coated surface of bullet ice cubes confirm not early to melt.


  • Almost no noise.
  • One-touch operating.
  • Compact design.
  • 9-piece in 8 minutes.


  • Only black & white colors.

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9. Kismile Countertop Ice Maker

  • Production Capacity- 26lbs/24 hours.
  • Storage Capacity- 98lbs.
  • Weight-81lbs.

This outdoor kitchen’s ice maker comes with a self-cleaning system. You simply need to press the On/Off button for over 5 seconds to start the cleaning process. So you will have a block of fresh and mineral-free ice to cool your beverage and chill party.

It has an incredible 26lbs per 24 hours production rate and 1.98lbs storing capacity. Easy to operate control panel that includes an “Ice Full” sensor, “Add Water” reminder, power indicator, and front-faced water drain cap at the bottom makes it easy to use.

Kismile countertop ice maker has an air-exhausting cooling system. Meant less water use and better energy-saving. Two sizes bullet-shaped ice won’t hurt your mouth but is ready to make you cool. For the best results, place it at a cooler ambient temperature.


  • Auto-cleaning.
  • Power saving.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Transparent lid.
  • 4 colors to get from.


  • No warranty.

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10. Silonn Ice Maker

  • Production Capacity- 26lbs/24 hours.
  • Storage Capacity-
  • Weight-
  • Body- Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene.

This is the last but not least great ice maker by Silonn for your outdoor use. It also comes with a very low noise just less than 35dB like a regular refrigerator at home. The built-in sensor detects “Ice Full” and stops making ice to avoid overflow.

Compact and ergonomic designed this portable auto-cleaning ice maker has 26lbs/daily ice production capacity. Small and big sizes fresh ice cubes make your beverage or beer fast cooling. 12.3 x 8.7 x 12.5 inches body dimension lets you set it in any tiny place.

Silonn Ice Maker has a 2-liter storage capacity. While faster ice production- 9 cubes in just 6 minutes never let you down in lack of ice during the occasion. Dynamic design with four different dazzling colors makes it more attractive.


  • Faster production.
  • Ample storage.
  • Noise-free, less than 35dB.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to carry.


  • Perfect for the smaller events.

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Best Outdoor Ice Maker Buying Guide

There are some key things that you should consider when buying the best outdoor built-in ice maker for your outdoor adventure;

The Type of Ice You Want

Yet many people don’t care about it. But it is important to know what type of ice you want to get from your ice maker. Some ice makers are specially designed to produce nugget ice or regular ice cubes instead of whole group ice types.

For example, the best outdoor nugget ice maker will be the right option for you if you are looking for nuggets ice. Go for an ice maker full cube, top-hat cube, half cube, crescent ice, sonic ice, or other types of ice that meets your requirements.


The capacity of an ice maker is an insulated bin or in-built freezer storage size the ice maker where ice will be stored after making done. It is strongly linked with the overall size of an ice maker and ice production rate.

Typically, an ice maker with a higher capacity required further space to install. So if your ice maker is only for the addition of whatever ice you have for the occasion, then a greater capacity ice maker is meaningful.

However, you might have to consider the capacity of your ice maker if you want your ice maker to produce ice very fast. In this case, you should go for an ice maker with higher production rate instead of a higher capacity.

Production Rate

Production rate is another vital consideration. You will need to manage extra ice for a big party or event if your ice maker provides ice slower than you use. Usually, the production rate written on the users’ manual is based on the form of ice amount every 24 hours.

Subsequently, these amounts of ice delivery also depend on placing the ice maker in the ideal environment. For instance, you must install your ice maker correctly by airing and keeping the ambient temperature about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise, your ice makers’ production rate will dramatically fall.

Additionally, the ice makers with a high production capacity normally, however not all brands, produce a high noise. Therefore, if you want a quiet ice maker for home or elsewhere use, you should shop for a lower product capacity ice maker.

Or, if the production rate of ice maker is the top priority for you, no matter the noise, just be prepared to cope with the loud sounds. See the noise level written on the user’s manual. And if it is 65+ decibels, it’s going to be remarkably loud.

Cooling Method

There are two methods of cooling for an ice maker- air-cooled and water-cooled. An air-cooled ice maker uses fans and holes to get in the air to cool the machine and then take it out. These types of ice makers are very user-friendly and energy-saving as well.

On the other hand, for the water-cooled ice maker, you will need to drain out both the cooling water and water that comes from liquid ice inside. Whereas, you will need drainage preparations only for the inside liquid ice water if you use an air-cooled ice maker.

Type of Drainage

There are major two types of drainage systems available for ice makers- built-in drain pumps and gravity pumps. Yet not all the ice makers come with a built-in drainage pump, but you can buy it separately.

Drain pumps, either built-in or buy separately are the most popular option. It will drain left-over water from your ice maker by pumping it via the drainage system when needed.

This option is a bit less popular as it needs certain settings between your ice maker and drainage setup to work. With the gravity pumps, your ice maker can drain extra water by a bit of angle in the drainage system.


Here you have tons of options when it is all about how it looks your ice maker. There is a wide range of colors and finishes. White, black, mixed, door finish matches wood, stainless steel, and many more. See what match your preference.

Also, you may have to search a bit more if you’re looking for any specific color or finish. The more specific including production rate, storage capacity, etc., and the exclusive you’re looking for, the tougher to get that.


Though some people are not ready to consider it a vital thing, however, it consumes lots of energy to make ice. This is why you may love to go with an ice maker which is Energy Star Certified. It will help you to save energy as well as cost.

In addition to that, you will want to buy an ice maker that comes with such capacity and production rate right for you. It will save energy without considering your requirements.


It should come first for some cases, however hopefully not for you. But the price is the eventual talks that will say either you are getting the ice maker or not.  Typically, the best outdoor countertop ice maker, best outdoor ice cream maker, or simple ice maker can cost you $300 plus.

Honestly, the more you invest in the ice maker; you will get a greater production rate with higher storage capacity. On the other hand, budget-friendly ice makers typically come with a limited production rate and storage capacity as well.

Also, brand image can cost you a bit more. Of course, you will want to buy such a brand ice maker that has strong a brand reputation. Likewise, some notable features, like having a water filter, whistles, auto-cleaning system, bells, or a sole shape than the normal ice maker, may cost a bit more.

Whatever it is, you simply need to consider the amount you are paying for the ice maker is justified in its value for you. Besides, don’t forget to add the installation cost- you may hire an expert for it, and the electric bill as well as the buying price.

Additional Considerations


The size of your ice maker is critical as it is linked with the capacity of the ice maker. It would be a bit challenging to get plenty of ice from your ice maker while you offer your ice machine a tiny place. So it is a good idea to measure the place first, where you want to set your new ice maker. Then buy one that fits there rightly.


It should always be on your lookout list while buying the best outdoor ice maker. Some ice makers come with a warranty while some others aren’t. Certainly, you will want to go with that one that comes with a warranty as it makes you confident about the quality of the ice maker you’re buying.

Additionally, don’t forget to see the warranty details, either it covers only servicing, spare parts that might need when servicing, or both, for instance.  Because different manufacturer provides different warranty facilities that also may vary based on the model and purpose of use.

Water Filter

This is a good idea to buy an ice maker that comes with a built-in water filter. Yet, many ice makers aren’t ended up with this feature. The water filter will take out all the pollutants from the water before converting it to ice.

So you will get healthy, good-looking, tasty ice cubes that smell well also. But if the ice maker that you are going to buy doesn’t come with an in-built water filter, don’t worry you can shop it separately and then set it in.


It is the best thing for your ice makers’ lifespan and is well-functioning if you clean it thoroughly every six months. You can do it easily using vinegar and water. Some ice makers cleaning are as easy as you will say, how to clean ice maker with vinegar is nothing but fun with the loving appliance.

Some ice makers come with an auto-cleaning feature that required simply pressing a button to clean it. However, sometimes maintenance work may be hard enough for you therefore need an expert to do the job rightly. In that case, you must be ready to invest some extra bucks.

ADA Compliant Ice Maker

This is the last but not the least consideration while buying the best portable outdoor ice maker. ADA- Americans with Disabilities Act has given advice that makes all the home appliances including ice makers easy to use for physically disabled people.

An ADA-approved ice maker is a right option for you whether you’re purchasing it for someone with incapacities at your home, for an outdoor party or big event, for commercial purposes, or for an official purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Called Undercounter Ice Maker?

An ice-making appliance that is isolated from your home refrigerator is called undercounter ice maker. It is a stable source of fresh ice. Like other home appliances beverage coolers, a dishwasher, for example, an undercounter ice maker can be put under the kitchen cabinet.

Is An Undercounter Ice Maker Handy?

Honestly not all undercounter ice makers are have come with handy features.  But some of them are handy. If you prefer the handy one, check the model you are finalizing whether it is handy or not.

Can I Install Every Ice Maker Outside?

Of course, not! All the ice makers did not come with the quality and features that needed to fight and job in the outdoors environment. A stainless-steel-made ice maker that is also certified by Underwriters Laboratories and with a long warranty is an ideal option if you are planning to set it outside. Yet it cost you a bit more.

Can I Put My Ice Maker In Garage?

Yes. If you are using an outdoor ice maker which is manufactured for outdoor use you can put it in your garage, courtyard, or even poolside. Because they are designed to battle and function in the thrilling temperature often experienced outside or garage.

Final Words on the Best Outdoor Ice Maker in 2022

I’m now almost at the end of the best outdoor ice maker that you’re looking to buy. All the ice makers that I’ve listed here are mixed of best performance, suitability, with good price, and purposeful to serve you.

I also, reviewed here a wide and diverse range of ice-making machines. So no matter if you are looking for a pricier, inexpensive, handy, and unique model or ergonomically designed ice maker, this list won’t get you down.

Now, Cheers!!!



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